Emergency Companion First Aid


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The emergency companion first aid supports the first responder in acute emergencies and provides assurance by quick locating practice-oriented, emergency medical facts. This facilitates to respond to emergencies in a matter of seconds. Well-organised information and comprehensible graphics make it easier for first responders to take the necessary measures.

The emergency companion first aid is the perfect companion for stress-based emergency situations due to the pocket-guide concept and the colour-oriented structure of emergencies relating to various body regions. These characteristics help the user to find the corresponding page intuitively and to obtain practical information.

Some facts relating to the pocket guide and the emergency companion first aid:

  • First aid knowledge about 33 of the most common emergencies and, among other things, about cardiac massage or recovery position
  • Innovative pocket-guide format and colour-oriented structure of emergencies relating to various body regions.
  • Suspension for placement at a prominent location
  • Suitable for every person who has not absolved a medical traineeship for example first responder or Emergency Response Officers (EROs)
  • Product dimensions: 14.5 x 8 cm
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